Unresolved Issues – “Erasecism”

In thinking about this painting for the exhibit entitled “Erasecism”, I concentrated on the dynamics of interaction that come into play in causing schisms and divisions amongst people. I assembled objects and symbols to represent groups of people and the dynamics of the group and individuals.

I didn’t want to focus on any particular “ism” such as sexism, or racism, or ageism. I picked symbols that were sort of neutral so that any of those “isms” could be discussed and that, ultimately, people might identify themselves in any of the dynamics. Is it the “group” that’s excluding the “one” — or is it the one that’s separated itself from the group? What are the dynamics?

With the children’s blocks I reflect on how the actions and attitudes of one generation, if issues remain unresolved, will affect the next generation. I initially wanted to paint in a slice of pie as a resolution or solution to the problem. But, of course, there’s no resolution yet…

It’s fitting to take a look at some of the dynamics of human interaction and how that leads to “isms”. Erasing “isms” means we have to deal with our own dynamics.

SLIDE SHOW:  Here’s a link to the exhibit page with the photo slide show (photos courtesy of Patrick Law).

VIDEO:  This links to the video (produced by ACIEM Studios).