‘Tis the Season

…to begin or add to an art collection.  The 2015 Art Fair season has begun and this is a great time of year to get out and take a look at open air art shows. On a professional level, I like to get out and walk the shows, evaluating which may be a good fit for some of my smaller works. Having recently relocated to Indy from the northeast, all the shows in Indiana are new to me!

On a personal level I like to experience the art of my contemporaries first-hand. It’s fun to recognize work I’ve seen in other locales and online and then see it up close.  And I love to
collect original artwork (usually small and inexpensive). Art fairs are great places to find such treasures — and to chat with artists.

Recent finds include this petite pastel landscape by artist Sabrina Zhou. Sabrina’s larger works remind me of my own transitions paintings (still lifes combined with landscape elements).  Her smaller works caught my attention.  Although diminutive in size (the image is smaller than 4×6 inches), the color and strokes pack a punch.


My husband John says I have too many blue pots. (Well… I do have a small collection.  Blue pottery and red blown glass are my favorites.) Nonetheless, I’ve added these two works by ceramic artist Paul Jeselskis to my collection.


I like the deep blue (almost iridescent) color of the glazes and the simplicity of the shapes. The artist also has beautifully textured platters and vases; I like the smooth surface of these two pieces.

Do you collect original art too?  What are your favorite finds at art shows?