Moving Into the New Decade

I’m getting ready for the NEW!!!  Here I am stretching some canvases down at my studio…

Art On View…

At the exhibition at the Saks Fifth Avenue gallery!

I’m participating in two exhibitions with an open studio tour in-between:

Nov. 5 to Dec. 8, 2019
Free Reception:  Thurs. Nov. 21 | 6-8:30 pm
Indiana Artists – Members Exhibition
Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Indianapolis
(more info)

Fri., Dec. 6 | 5:00 – 10:00 pm
Stutz Starry Night — Open Studio Event at the Stutz
Stutz Business Center, Indianapolis
(more info)

Dec. 8 to Jan. 17
“A Light Within”
Small Group Exhibition hosted by The Hoosier Salon
Second Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis
(more info)

Exhibition at Saks Fifth Avenue Gallery

I’m hard at work finishing up a painting which will be exhibited in the 3rd floor gallery at Saks Fifth Avenue at Keystone Crossing (Indianapolis, IN).

The exhibition opens Nov. 5 and will run through Dec. 8, 2019. It’s open during store hours.

A free reception and awards presentation is open to the public on Thurs., Nov. 21, 6-8:30 pm.

Moving My Studio to the Stutz Building

I’ve done a LOT of painting in small spaces but I really needed more room.  I’m pleased to be setting up a new studio at the Stutz Building in downtown Indy.

Before: All packed and ready to go.

My new studio: A “white box” with lots of space and a wall of windows (plenty of light). I’m looking forward to the possibilities here…

“Twists & Turns” — mini painting

I love painting trees, just ask my plein air buddies.  Trees in the broader landscape are like people in a crowd — you have to take the time to see them individually.  Each has their own characteristics and distinguishing features which are missed when we don’t take the time to look… and see.    Pause to get a good look at a tree you pass by every day; you’ll see what I mean.

“Twists & Turns” by Barbara Peterson



Contact the artist for purchase.

“Tea Time” — mini painting

A thunderstorm hit town a couple of days ago.  Lots of rain, thunder and lightning; overhead electric wires were down, and traffic lights were out. A transformer blew in a flash of amazing bright light several feet away from my car. Malfunctioning traffic lights and downed trees made it tricky to drive home.

In contrast, what a joy it is to spend a quiet moment over a cup of tea.  So calming… Ahhh …


“Fallen Tree” — mini painting series

On a recent trip to the Indiana Museum of Art, I observed how warm the shadows were in some classic paintings (and how cool the light areas were). I had experimented with warmer shadows before and wanted to work out some ideas, so a series of small studies seemed a logical path.

This painting, “Fallen Tree”, is the first in this series of minis.  It is an oil painting on panel (7″x5″, unframed).  I had to stop myself from getting carried away with some of the strokes; it’s not necessary to paint every leaf to suggest the foliage. Some shots of the painting in progress:

Available at Ebay. Sold.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 2019

All this month, and through June 1st, you can see some of the best works by Indiana Artists, including my own, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields.  Free and open to the public.

“At The Falls” with the artist, Barbara Peterson, at the the IMA show opening.